Every second a pair of lenses with Crizal coating is chosen by a consumer somewhere in the world. 

Crizal is at the forefront of innovation, R&D processes and optical technologies, doing the utmost to improve and help maintain people’s visual clarity. Crizal lenses act like a shield against elements that can impact or harm vision, responding with confidence to wearer’s needs. With Crizal lenses, spectacle wearers enjoy a complete protection of their clarity of vision and their eyes. Crizal lenses provide protection against glare, scratches, smudges, dust, water and contribute to prevent the harmful effects of UV rays. Crizal brand wants to bring people the clearest vision possible. This is why Crizal lenses provide wearers carefree spectacle experience, allowing them to connect with people and enjoy their activities.

Life is messy, things get dirty, and you spend enough time cleaning. You shouldn’t have to spend extra time cleaning your lenses, too. While we don’t have a solution for everything, we do have one for your lenses: Crizal Easy UV. These lenses are easier to clean (compared to standard lenses) and come with scratch protection for increased durability.

Between kids, pets, and even your own fingerprints, you know how smudged and dirty your lenses can get—especially if you wear your glasses every day. Unclean lenses make it harder to see clearly, but there is a solution. Crizal Alizé UV lenses set the standard for smudge resistance, staying cleaner longer for distraction-free vision.

It’s no secret that lenses are fragile—and no matter how careful you are, they are susceptible to scratches. If you wear glasses every day, you know how much these scratches can distort your vision. Crizal Avancé UV lenses offer enhanced scratch resistance to help protect your lenses. Plus, they provide dust and dirt repellence for clearer vision and less frequent cleaning.